Welcome to Dorsey Graphics

Dorsey Graphics is a multi-disciplinary design with widespread experience in the corporate world as well as the high-tech sector and broadcast field. Dorsey Graphics has been providing high-quality content and design for over a decade.

The company's scope is based on quality and service in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dorsey Graphics has completed large-scale projects of all shapes and sizes throughout the United States for such notable clients as Intel, Siemens Worldwide, NBC11 KNTV, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, and Santa Clara University.

A strong work ethic is marked by a strong ability to provide high-quality products while paying close attention to the bottom line.

Creativity and business are symbiotic. Dorsey Graphics uses proprietary order, accounting, design, development, and delivery systems which are proven in a variety of situations dealing with tight deadlines, budgetary constraints, and demanding levels of quality.