Star Wars - Episode III

Steve Dorsey once again lined up for Star Wars. This time, it all started on May 1.

Dorsey organized mass line waits for the previous two Star Wars epics in 2002 and 1999. Always having been a science fiction fan, Dorsey was happy to organize this line.

The line was originally scheduled to run from May 1 until opening day on May 19. Because of some miscommunication between theater management and their corporate offices, plans had to be scrapped and the line was resumed on May 16.

Undeterred, Dorsey and a large group of die-hard fans showed up to claim spots in line on the morning of the 16th. Nightly showings of previous Star Wars films, as well as other fan films and science fiction favorites took place.

A large crowd formed as opening day grew near. The movie was enjoyed by all, and many said it was the best Star Wars film in the series. Most agree that it more than makes up for the luke-warm response that was recieved by the first and second films.

Will another Star Wars film be released? Probebly not. But if it happens, Steve will not be in line for it, unless his daughter can convince him to return.